Awards and Certifications

We have been ISO 9001:2008 registered continually since June of 2007. While the ISO audits are stringent, some companies merely give lip service to the process and do only what it takes to become compliant. However, here at SK we fully embrace the ISO concept and consistently exceed the expectations of the auditors. Why would we go the extra mile? Because it pays of to our employees, our company, and our clients. By taking to heart the principles of ISO and combining those with Six Sigma and Lean manufacturing processes, we enjoy benefits such as cost savings, a safer and more productive work environment, and access to new markets through an internationally recognized standard.

All this hard work we put in has certainly paid off too. In 2011 SK Express received the bronze level Caterpillar Supplier Quality Excellence Process. While this was a great honor, we knew we could do even better, and we did. For 2012 we skipped over silver and went straight to the highly prestigious gold level award. But why stop there. In 2013 we entered the truly rarified air of the PLATINUM level award. Caterpillar gives this only to the best of the best; companies who are able to maintain a remarkably high level of on-time deliveries, RFQ submissions, PPAP’s, and a variety of other criteria.