Quality and Testing

In 2016 our average PPM was 0, while at the same time maintaining an on-time delivery rate of greater than 99% for production parts and 98% for service parts. How does SK Express balance these two competing factors you ask; experience, standards, and discipline. As we all know, quality doesn’t happen by accident. It requires an unwavering dedication to standards and processes, while at the same time being open to new methodologies. From our early days, SK Express adopted Lean and Six Sigma processes. And while most firms say they have a focus on quality, and while this may be true SK Express embodies quality. In addition to being ISO 9000 certified, we have also been awarded numerous quality awards by our clients, including the Caterpillar Platinum Level Supplier Quality Excellence Process. To enhance the quality process we have a robust testing department. In addition to the testing capabilities listed below, we also have portable modules capable of testing the products and components at any point in the manufacturing process.

  • Two Super-boards, each with 1,024 test points
  • Crimp tensile strength tester
  • Cablescan harness scanners
  • Dynalab harness scanner
  • Hi-pot test up to 1200 VDC
  • Cable IQ Ethernet test capability